Six Months in the Space Station - Google Talks

Six Months in the Space Station
1 hr 6 min 15 sec - Aug 30, 2007

Google Tech Talks August 30, 2007

A special space station tour for Googlers by NASA astronaut Daniel W. Bursch detailing his ... all » more than six months long stay on the International Space Station. In addition of Illustrating the stay with many unpublished pictures of both the station and Earth, Dan will take us through the nooks and crannies of living and working in weightlessness. He will also talk about the psychological challenges of living with two other people in the same "can", a theme that will no doubt affect profoundly any human mission to Mars. Carl Walz and Dan Bursch set the US record for the longest single spaceflight in 2002, when they flew for 196 days, this record was just broken this year by US astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria.

Speaker: DANIEL W. BURSCH (CAPTAIN, USN, Ret.)\NASA ASTRONAUT (FORMER) NASA EXPERIENCE: Selected by NASA in January 1990, Bursch became an astronaut in July 1991. His technical assignments to date include: Astronaut Office Operations Development Branch, working on controls and displays for the Space Shuttle and Space Station; Chief of Astronaut Appearances; spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) in mission control. A veteran of four space flights, Bursch has logged over 227 days in space. He was a mission specialist on STS-51 (1993), STS-68 (1994) and STS-77 (1996),

Six Months in the Space Station

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