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Sources: National Transportation Safety Board (http://www.ntsb.gov/aviatio...)
After TAM Airlines flight 3054 crashed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, killing all 186 of its passengers, the question of transportation safety is once again being brought into question. This graph shows the number of major, serious, nonfatal w/ injury, and nonfatal non-injury w/ damage accidents since 1987. While the number of aircraft hours flown has steadily increased, it seems that U.S. aircraft safety has not permantly improved. The graph is ridden with inconsistent trend: the rate of accidents decreases throughout the late 80's and early 90's only to shoot back up in the late 90's and back down in the 2000's. Customer service has not improved much either, as is shown by the steady rate of late arrivals and lost luggage. The outlook for ground transportation does not look hopeful either, as public transporation fees rise due to increasing gas prices.

Falling out of the sky

Falling out of the sky - Swivel

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