Naomi Tickle: You Can Read a Face Like a Book

Naomi Tickle, author of You Can Read a Face Like a Book, explains that by studying a person's facial structure, you can achieve an immediate and accurate understanding of their personality.Naomi Tickle - Naomi Tickle is a personology expert and founder of the International Centre for Personology.

Enemy Image (2005)

Enemy Image (2005) - 1:32:15 - Jul 8, 2007

The invasion of Iraq was the most closely documented war ever fought. Lasting only 800 hours, it produced 20,000 hours of video, but those images were tightly controlled, producing a monolithic view of combat sanitised and controlled by the Pentagon. Enemy Image traces the ways U.S. television has covered war, starting with Vietnam in the 1960s and shows how the military has devised ever-improving means of ensuring the American public never again has the real face of combat beamed directly into their living rooms. If copyright becomes an issue on this video upload, it will be deleted immediately.

Deciphering the Language of Sex

Even from a purely biological perspective, gender is a complex subject. Dr. David Page reviews the biological basis for sex, emphasizing the role of the sex chromosomes—the X and the Y—in mammals. He addresses the age-old question of why sex exists, and shows how sexual reproduction can have advantages over reproduction by cloning.

The Cold War

Cold War Episode 1: Comrades (1917-1945).

2. Iron Curtain -
3. Marshall Plan -
4. Berlin -
5. Korea -
6. Reds -
7. After Stalin -
8. Sputnik -
9. The Wall -
10. Cuba -
11. Vietnam -
12. MAD -
13. Make Love, Not War -
14. Red Spring -
15. China -
16. Détente -
17. Good Guys, Bad Guys -
18. Backyard -
19. Freeze -
20. Soldiers of God -
21. Spies -
22. Star Wars -
23. The Wall Comes Down -
24. Conclusions -