Biofuels & Ethanol: The Real Story

Scientist David Fridley explains the inherent cost and production problems with ethanol and similar biofuels.
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Deathenol; The Environomental Disaster of Ethanol

From ABC 20/20 Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity with John Stossel, Myth #1 Ethanol is Great

Making Ethanol Work
Ethanol, a biofuel, can be produced not only from corn, but sugar cane, switch grass, and wood. And using it, instead of gasoline, decreases the amount of pollutants a car emits.
But the question remains, "Are there any cars that can run on it?" Brazil started an ethanol program. Recently, Brazil introduced flex fuel vehicles. These vehicles can run both with ethanol, gasoline, ethanol and gasoline in any blend. So these vehicles can be used anywhere.

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