GapCasts - Human Development Trends, Globalization, Bangladesh Miracle -

Gapcast #3 - Human Development Trends
With Staffan Landin. A short overview of the trends in Human Develompent from 1960 to 2001. From Gapminder Foundation.

GapCast #4 - Globalization
How has the Global Economy effected the income of people across the world?Although the percentage of poverty has gone down, the number of poor people is still very high. Still, the percentage of people living in extreme poverty has gone down from around 40 percent 30 years ago to todays number of around 20 percent
The good news is that the eradication of poverty is within human range.

Gapcast #5 - Bangladesh Miracle
Have you heard about Miracle that has happened in Bangladesh over the last 30 years? No? Bangladesh has the highest population density among the worlds big countries, today, Bangladesh has more people than Russia. But the area is smaller than Florida.
So what is the Miracle? In 1970 an average women in Bangladesh gave birth to 7 children, and on of four of them died before the age of five. But after independence from Pakistan in 1971 things has improved. See Hans Roslings GapCast to see how much.

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