Gordon Knox Darwin, Web 2.0 and the Role of the Amateur FORA.tv - |

Northern California Grantmakers
Menlo Park, CA
Feb 14th, 2008

Gordon Knox discusses Darwin, Web 2.0 & the Role of the Amateur at the Web & Where 2.0+ conference hosted by Northern California Grantmakers.

Twenty-first century digital media makers are pushing the boundaries of collaboration and copyright, once the exclusive domain of industry. YouTube further opened up the digital revolution by: exploding user choice, creating a user-to-user vetting system, allowing online users to share and mix media, and creating a culture of mass collaboration where audiences and communities can participate as co-creators and co-curators. YouTube's success reflects a new force where users are the agents of social change and the creators of cultural content.
This day long Arts Intensive will reflect on the changes being led by digital culture. We will examine how foundations and organizations might want to position themselves to achieve impact within the digital cultural space. With a myriad of different speakers from various sectors, we will contemplate many of the emerging questions evolving from digital media and culture. This interactive program is designed to encourage participant engagement and discussion- Northern California Grantmakers

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