George Johnson: The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments -

Cody's Books
Berkeley, CA
May 1st, 2008

George Johnson, acclaimed New York Times science writer, discusses The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments, an irresistible book about the ten most fascinating experiments in the history of science, drawn from physics, chemistry, biology, and psychiatry.
Johnson takes us to those times when the world seemed filled with mysterious forces, when scientists were dazzled by light, by electricity, and by the beating of the hearts they laid bare on the dissecting table. We see Galileo singing to mark time as he measures the pull of gravity, and Newton carefully inserting a needle behind his eye to learn how light causes vibrations in the retina.
These ten elegant histories remind us of the original romance and excitement of a single soul staring into the unknown.
George Johnson writes regularly about science for The New York Times. He has also written for Scientific American, The Atlantic Monthly, Time, Slate, and Wired, and his work has been included in The Best American Science Writing. He lives in Santa Fe - Cody's Books - George Johnson: The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

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