Battle of Ideas: Particle Physics Is Sexy -

Institute of Ideas
London, UK
Oct 28th, 2007
Battle of Ideas: Particle Physics Is Sexy at the 2007 Battle of Ideas conference hosted by the Institute of Ideas. Panelists include Dr. Brian Cox and Joe Kaplinksy. David Perks moderates.
With the closure of so many university physics departments over recent years it would seem the writing is already on the wall. And yet the questions big physics addresses colour everyone's view of the universe we live in. Our fascination with the seeming implausibility of the Big Bang and the quantum theory of matter mean bookshops continue to be filled with biographies of Einstein and lay guides to physics.
At a time when theoretical physics seems trapped in speculation about the validity or otherwise of string theory, the LHC experiment gives us the chance to rejuvenate our understanding of the universe from particle physics to cosmology. Will this finally convince the world that particle physics is sexy?

 - Battle of Ideas: Particle Physics Is Sexy

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