Baghdad: A doctor story - Documentary

Baghdad A doctor story
38 min 53 sec - Nov 5, 2007
Filmed exclusively by an Iraqi doctor, This World reveals the terrible conditions of a civilian emergency room in Baghdad Al Yarmouk Hospital is in the most dangerous area of Baghdad. Sectarian violence is tearing the city apart and ambulance crews go from one dangerous mission to another.
Talking on camera is dangerous, but here patients and doctors speak out. Wherever they go, the doctor is there with his camera. "People don't know what is going on in Iraq," he says, "they can't hear the Iraqi people screaming." In the constant stream of news reports from Iraq, the voice of ordinary people seems to have been lost. In this film, we hear from them directly... and get a harrowing insight into everyday life in Baghdad.

Baghdad A doctor story

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Anonymous said...

I saw a child being operated on without anasthetic! How can we stand by and let this happen?