4 Out of 10 Men Raise Other men’s Children

Genetics is a weird thing that sometimes drives us beyond our rationality. Men cheat and women cheat but women cheat at regular/exact intervals, unlike men who cheat randomly.
It seems that something programmed in their genes makes women loose control once a month due to ancestral instincts.
When Women are More likely to Cheat?
The part of the month when a woman starts thinking of other men is just a few days before ovulation, and during ovulation. In this period she has very powerful desires of mating with other men, but only if they meet some ancestral requirements we will discuss later.

Why Women Cheat and with Who?
The main thing that drives women to cheat are their instincts. Women carried a gene from their ancestors that made them back then as it does now, to look for the healthiest male, with toughest characteristics and strongest genes in order to carry on the human race.
This is why in an open test, where the GeekPubb team participated in order to gather the information, some women desires were noted down with an interesting outcome. 86 women were tested, by showing them men faces. When they weren’t ovulating they preferred more feminine men faces, but things changed when ovulating. Immediately they were attracted by men with strongh wide jaws, thick eyebrows and facial hair, all characteristics of alpha males.
Men sense at some level, probably by “smelling” the pheromones when women are ovulating and try to take advantage of that. This is why beautiful women are most fertile, and they also tend to be the targets of other men which try to steal them from their mates.

Statistics Reveal the Reality
After 1 week of searching trough newspapers 1 to 10 years old and trough laboratory test from renowned facilities linked to Discovery Channel, National Geographic and 3 surveys lead by our GeekPubb agents this is the conclusion:
4 out of 10 men are cheated by their wives/lovers at ovulation with more attractive and stronger men. The man will raise that child knowing the child is his. We also found some real stories in newspapers from which we selected one.
“At some point in his life James, father of 3, 2 boys and a girl divorced his wife. While trying to take the custody of all his children 1 of his boys got sick of an ereditary disease which James didn’t had. Confused, the father made paternity tests for each of his childs. The tests staggered him, only the girl was his, the other 2 boys were from his wife’s adventures“
Human nature prevails once again over ration, but ultimately depends if you want to ruin your life for a one night stand or you are a faithfull partner. One thing we forgot to mention is that women with already healthy and strong genes partners were not interested to flirt in the experiments above. So fit up geeks, and take your love-life in your own hands.

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